Council of United Countries | 3rd Proposal | Universal Civil Rights Bill

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Council of United Countries | 3rd Proposal | Universal Civil Rights Bill

Post by Y Cymraeg Rhydd on Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:16 am

As Chair of this Council speaking on behalf of the people of Y Cymraeg Rhydd, I hereby propose the following:

Universal Civil Rights Bill

This Bill is aimed, while understanding as a region we almost all have 'good' civil rights, improve the rights of all citizens of CUC member States. The rights of our people are fundamental to any society - and I feel that ensuring all nations take steps to improve an maintain Civil Rights will give all our citizens a better quality of life with as limited infringement on our independent government affairs. Thus I propose the following to be enacted should this bill be passed:

1. A target of 70 will be set for our Nations Civil Rights Score.
2. Any Nation that fails to reach this target, or have dropped below it, by the end of the month shall be fined an amount of AW coins equal to their shortfall. This will be calculated where each mark off is 1% of your GDP.

Voting will last 4 days, finishing approximately 10:00 GMT 16/01/2016
Y Cymraeg Rhydd

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